Your Own Personal Crisis Management Team with Rebecca Stern

In this episode Rhonda introduces Rebecca Stern Kaufman, Founder of Pearl Mediation Group, LLC. Rebecca is a divorce mediator that specializes in working with families that have children with special needs, and she is also a special education advocate for those parents.

According to Rebecca, whether you’re experiencing a divorce, separation, or you have a child with any kind of behavioral, developmental or educational issue, it’s a crisis, it is something you did not expect. In that moment of crisis, you’re not going to make the best decisions. You need a team of professionals, people who can help you to answer all those questions and teach you to ask the right questions.

Rebecca’s message to you is: You are not alone, and we are going to build the team together that’s going to help give you all the information you need to move forward and in more empowered way.

Here are some of her recommendations:

Having the right team is important to provide you with right information. If you have a special needs child, you may need a special needs financial planner, or a health insurance advocate. If you can understand what’s motivating the person on the other side, that is going to help you work on these relationships better. You do not have to do what your attorney said the last three clients did, or what your friend down the street did. You have to do what works best for your family. Contact Information and Other Resources

Our guest today was Rebecca Stern Kaufman, J.D., CPM, Founder of Pearl Mediation Group, LLC, which she founded in 2016. Rebecca is a graduate of New York Law School and is a certified divorce mediator and parent advocate, specializing in families of children with special learning, behavior & mental health needs.

Part seasoned negotiator, part life-strategist, Rebecca has helped clients successfully navigate divorce, complex parenting plans and the special education system. She has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor and champion for those facing unexpected challenges. Rebecca strives to empower her clients with innovative solutions, and expertly crafted agreements that serve as a roadmap for life’s detours.

Rebecca serves on the Board of Directors of MarbleJam Kids, a nonprofit providing support to a neurodiverse population through the creative arts.

Rebecca lives in Bergen County, NJ, but works with clients from across the country through her online practice.

Her crisis concierge services include divorce mediation, divorce coaching, and special education parent advocacy.

Here’s how Rebecca describes herself: My goal is to empower women by providing them with their own personal crisis management team.

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