I’m here to make sure you ask all the right questions!

It’s time to build a life not by default, but by your own design.

Here’s how we can work together:

Strategic Consulting

As your divorce strategy consultant, I’ll be your secret weapon behind the scenes. You’ll attain a clear understanding of the process and the questions you’ll need to address.


We’ll develop informed proposals together and up your self advocacy skills. I’ll help you avoid costly mistakes and share valuable wisdom.


You’ll learn to separate the business of your divorce from the emotional experience, enabling you to make the best decisions for your future.

Divorce & Family Mediation

As an objective dispute resolution expert, I will help you effectively navigate and resolve issues to create an equitable agreement both parties can accept. With a clear agenda, we’ll set realistic goals and may tackle custody, parenting plans, distribution of property, financial assets and liabilities, child support, spousal maintenance, and more.


Your story is delicate, complex, and unique. So your process demands privacy, confidentiality, and respect. Whether your situation is amicable or high-conflict, mediation allows you to own your outcome, save money, time, and drama over the traditional adversarial process.


With the information and resources you need, you’ll move forward on solid ground, educated, and empowered.

Parent Advocacy

Divorce between parents of children with special education needs presents its own unique challenges.


We’ll create a Special Education Parenting Plan to support you and your child.


We may tackle securing services in school through an IEP, finding and funding the right out-of-district placement, identifying the best providers and resources, planning for future financial needs, and ensuring your child is appropriately supported now, and in the years ahead.

Parenting Coordination

As a court approved Parenting Coordinator (PC) I facilitate timely resolution of day to day parenting disputes that co-parents struggle to resolve on their own. Once custody has been addressed, parents often find themselves in heated debates over how they will implement their parenting plan.


Issues around communication, transitions, activities, travel, holidays, discipline etc. can interfere with dual households moving forward peacefully.


Whether still in the divorce process, or post-judgement, an experienced PC can help fill in gaps in your parenting plan, reduce conflict to keep you out of court, and keep the best interest of your child front and center.

“When we deny the story, it defines us. When we own the story, we can write a brave new ending.”
– Brené Brown

Rebecca Stern

Rebecca Stern is an experienced negotiator and strategist with a reputation of hard work and compassion. A champion for her clients and their children, she is a true problem solver. 


A graduate of Syracuse University and New York Law School, Rebecca has received advanced mediation certifications from the New York Center for Mediation & Training, The New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators, and the Mosten-Guthrie Academy.


Rebecca has a proven track record of helping clients resolve matters involving legal separation, divorce, child custody & parenting time, and division of assets & liabilities. She has created right-fit special needs plans for countless families.

Beyond the Conference Table

Rebecca lives in Bergen County, NJ with her two teenage sons who she reminds daily to “have fun & learn something.”


When she isn’t mediating, she teaches spin classes and can often be heard empowering her riders, “You are stronger than you think you are!”


Rebecca believes in civil rights, speaking one’s mind, solid planning, and good bourbon. She cherishes her time with close friends & family, and is determined to remain an optimist.

In Their Own Words

“It was so encouraging talking with you. I have more hope now knowing someone will finally take me and my daughter seriously and can help us! I’m so glad I found you. I wouldn’t want anyone else to help us through this. I’m grateful not only for your expertise and knowledge but also for being an advocate for children with special needs – you get it! It’s so hard to find that especially when your child “doesn’t look disabled”.


“Thank you for all your time, resources, and talent. You helped us tremendously through a very stressful time and we appreciate all you did to help our little girl.”

Cortney & Anthony

“Your guidance made me feel so much more powerful. In the conference it was obvious that now I know my shit. A year ago I was not equipped with all the knowledge I have now. You’ve taught me so much and been so supportive that I now feel capable of and motivated to help others.”

Suzanne T.

“Our work with Rebecca Stern at Pearl Mediation was awesome. She was very effective in understanding where we each were coming from and helping us work through what each of us wanted, prioritize what matters, and come to agreements.”

Vicki L.

“Thank you for your hard work Rebecca. I want you to be everyone’s mediator. It’s extraordinary that you have such an expert grasp of the finances and business side of divorce and in equal measure are so compassionate. You are amazing! You truly seem aligned with your purpose.”

Cori L.

“Rebecca Stern is shrewd in the best sense of the word. Her knowledge of federal and state special education law, students’ rights, and her depth of experience in the entire process (ordeal) of negotiating an IEP is truly priceless. If your child has any special needs not being met, the quality of Rebecca’s services, strategy, and problem solving will change your family’s life. Districts know better than to “F around” once Rebecca is on your case. She’ll ensure needless drama is avoided, and will hold people accountable. Her knowledge of clinical professionals including evaluators and therapists only adds to her IEP kung-fu. She is worth every dime and our entire family has benefited greatly from her expertise.”

Ani H.

“Working with Rebecca was one of the best decisions I made for my children and myself. She partnered with me to develop a thorough and comprehensive parenting plan. Her expertise through this process was invaluable. If you have children and are getting divorced, you need Rebecca on your team!”

Angela P.

“I even texted my ex to let her know how thrilled I was that she found you to get us through this!”

Michael C.

“I can’t thank you enough. My family and I are heartened by your services and buoyed by the valuable information you shared. We shall remember your kindness.”

Laura D.

“Rebecca is one of the best motivators & positive influencers I have ever worked with. She is a tireless & passionate advocate for the causes & clients she represents. She is a rare individual that always has the ability to connect with people & make them feel special. She also possesses a serious work ethic that she pairs with her great creativity!”

Susan B.

“Rebecca is a conscientious & caring advocate who understands the law & needs of the individual. It is without hesitation that I recommend her services. She is an outstanding advocate with professional and personal experience. She understands you, your child, and the complexities that arise in both the educational system and within the family. Highly recommended!”

Anna B.