My name is Rebecca, and I’m the founder of Pearl Mediation, LLC.

As a divorce and family mediator, and special education parent advocate, I work in-person and virtually with families across the country in both amicable and high-conflict situations.

Together, we’ll build lasting agreements that serve as blueprints for some of life’s toughest unexpected challenges.

Let’s turn your obstacles into opportunities.

We’ve lived it, so we get it.”

Featured Expert & Regular Contributor to the DIVORCE etc… podcast.

“Blessed are the cracked, for they will let the light through.”
– Kintsugi

Who couldn’t use their own personal crisis-management team?

As a collaborative mediator I’ve built a highly curated group of top professional partners to provide you the expertise your unique situation deserves.


You’ll have access to well vetted experts you can trust with complex issues surrounding your finances, taxes, real estate, business assets, employability, career-building, co-parenting, ex-communication, education planning, and more.

Trusted Partner, Women’s Financial Wellness Center


In partnership with the Women’s Financial Wellness Center, we’ll reduce financial vulnerability, improve financial confidence, and walk you through the economic aspects of divorce.

Trusted Partner, The Bridge Method™


Join Rhonda Noordyk, CDFA for this group coaching program that includes live monthly calls, a private community, BRIDGE™ course content, feedback and support, templates, and checklists, all to help you understand the financial aspects of divorce, develop your budget, organize your documents, and build your financial confidence.

Trusted Partner, My Divorce Solution


We help divorcing couples develop a clear picture of their full marital estate. This means they can understand the long-term consequences of the choices they make when they’re dividing money, so they can reach the best outcome for themselves and their family.

Trusted Partner, The Divorce Money Guide


The Divorce Money Guide, created by renowned forensic accountant Tracy Coenen, provides step-by-step instructions to reveal hidden financial assets and identify fraud. Uncovering what’s rightfully yours makes going through this difficult time less frustrating by putting you in the driver’s seat.

Trusted Partner, Divorce Financial Mediators


In high net-worth and complex financial cases we’ll bring our financial team right to the table, providing the clarity you need to reach an enduring settlement.

Board of Directors, MarbleJam Center for Arts & Enrichment


MarbleJam provides creative arts education and enrichment programs, helping  children, adolescents, and adults express themselves, overcome challenges, and create opportunities for future success.

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