Rebecca Stern – Divorcing with Special Needs Children


Rebecca Stern is the Founder of Pearl Mediation. She talks with Beverly today about Navigating Divorce When Your Child Has Special Needs.

Rebecca is a divorce & family mediator, strategic consultant, special education parent advocate, and founder of Pearl Mediation. She works across throughout the U.S. with both amicable and high-conflict couples and is driven to change the divorce experience for families.

A professional problem-solver, Rebecca navigates clients through issues of custody, parenting, child support, spousal maintenance, property division, and has created right-fit special education plans for countless families.

Avoiding the expense, time, and drama associated with the traditional adversarial process, Rebecca helps clients build enduring agreements and move forward on solid ground, educated, and empowered.

Interview Questions:

1.   What is mediation? How does it differ from using an attorney that most people think of first?
2. How would you describe your style as a mediator?
3. What do you do differently when mediating a divorce involving a child with special needs?
4. What areas in a marital settlement agreement might be impacted by the special needs of a child?
5. How do you tackle disagreements between parents when it comes to determining what their child’s needs are, or how they may need to be supported?

What 3 actionable steps would you give to the women in our audience?

1. Build a strong, qualified support team.
2. Understand you can control 100% of YOUR 50% of the situation.
3. Don’t let your life be about your divorce.

This post originally appeared on the Her Empowered Divorce podcast